Watch “JSP Part-2 | JSP Login example (Gujarati)” on YouTube

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Video features the combination of following

  • Scriplet tag example in JSP
  • Expression tag example in JSP
  • Comment tag example in JSP

Following are the files used in the JSP login example

  • index.jsp
  • login.jsp
  • welcome.jsp
  • sorry.jsp

Overall process of example:
index.jsp page contains user interface to accept username and password from client side, when client submits the control transfer to the login.jsp file which contains the logic to validate username and password. If the client information is validated the control is transfer to welcome.jsp otherwise to sorry.jsp.

OS : Windows 10
Jdk : Version 8
IDE : Eclipse Mars
Server : Apache Tomcat 7

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Watch “Introduction to RMI – Remote Method Invocation (Gujarati)” on YouTube

RMI #RemoteMethodInvocation #Jdk #Java #Gujarati #RemoteProcedureCall #Stub #Skeleton #RaviROza

RMI Introduction:

RMI is an API that provides a mechanism to develop distributed app, objects on different computers can interact in a distributed network.
It allows an object to invoke methods on an object running in another JVM.
RMI is the Java version of what is generally known as a remote procedure call (RPC), but with the ability to pass one or more objects along with the request.
The object can include information that will change the service that is performed in the remote computer.
The RMI provides remote communication between the applications using two objects stub and skeleton.

  • various sources

OS : Windows 10
Jdk : Version 8

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