Android Question List

Saurashtra University, Rajkot

BCA Semester-6 | CS 31 – Mobile Computing using Android & iPhone

1 – Mark Question List

  1. What is Android?
  2. Who were the original founder of Android?
  3. In which year first android phone was launched?
  4. Full form of SDK
  5. Full form of DVM
  6. Full form of OHA
  7. Full form of MCC
  8. Full form of JSON
  9. Full form of NFC
  10. Which company manages the Android OS?
  11. Which company own iPhone?
  12. What is Xcode?
  13. What is Android Studio?
  14. Which is the basic development language in  by iPhone App?
  15. Which is the basic development language in Android App?
  16. Full form of ADT
  17. Full form of GPS
  18. Full form of LBS
  19. What is API?
  20. What is Widget?
  21. What is IPC?
  22. What is AsyncTask?
  23. What is Intent?
  24. What is Activity?
  25. Name the latest version of Android OS
  26. Define folder hierarchy by default in Android Project
  27. What is HTTP?
  28. What is Service?
  29. What is Layout?
  30. Full form of APK
  31. Full form of MVC
  32. Full form of IDE
  33. What is COCOA touch?
  34. Full form of DEX
  35. Full form of DDMS
  36. What is Menu (option menu)?
  37. What is Context menu ?
  38. Who developed Kotlin language?
  39. What is when statement?
  40. What is hard keyword?
  41. What is soft keyword?
  42. What is the use of val keyword?
  43. What is the use of var keyword?
  44. What is mutable variable?
  45. What is immutable variable?
  46. What is visibility modifier?
  47. What is the use of open keyword?
  48. What is interface?
  49. What is abstract class?
  50. What is the use of this keyword?
  51. What is the use of super keyword?
  52. What is collection?
  53. What is Array?
  54. What is named arguments?
  55. What is var args?

2 – Mark Question List

  1. Explain Res folder in Android project
  2. Explain Src folder in Android project
  3. Explain Gen folder in Android project
  4. Explain Bin folder in Android project
  5. Explain Assets folder in Android project
  6. Explain Libs folder in Android project
  7. Explain AndroidManifest.xml file
  8. Explain Intent filter
  9. Explain Pending Intent
  10. Explain types of Animation supported in Android
  11. Explain Dialog in Android
  12. Explain Shared preferences in Android
  13. Usage of Input stream and Output stream in file handling
  14. Usage of File class in File handling
  15. Usage of Shared preferences
  16. Usage of Service
  17. Usage of DDMS
  18. Usage of Logcat
  19. Usage of Toast
  20. Explain Collection
  21. Explain Sets
  22. Explain Data structure
  23. Explain functions in Kotlin

3 – Mark Question List

  1. Discuss Text field with example
  2. Discuss Spinner with example
  3. Discuss List View with example
  4. Discuss Grid View with example
  5. Discuss Image Button with example
  6. Discuss Button with example
  7. Discuss  Radio Button Group with example
  8. Discuss  Check Box with example
  9. Discuss Table Layout with example
  10. Discuss Linear Layout with example
  11. Discuss  Fame by Frame animation example using Java code (run time)
  12. Discuss  Fame by Frame animation example using XML code (design time)
  13. Write steps to publish Android app on Play Store
  14. Discuss Telephony API with example
  15. Discuss Networking API with example
  16. Discuss Web API with example
  17. Discuss Android Service with example
  18. Discuss Context with example
  19. Discuss Intent with example
  20. Discuss Notification with example
  21. Discuss Types of Resources in Android app
  22. Option menu Vs Context menu
  23. Types of functions in Kotlin (UDF)

5 – Mark Question List

  1. Write a note on Activity Life cycle
  2. Write a note on Service Life cycle
  3. Write a note on Async Task
  4. Write a note on Intent and Bundle
  5. Activity Vs Service
  6. Edit Text Vs Text Field
  7. Intent Vs Pending Intent
  8. Develop an app to perform CRUD operation using SQLite
  9. Write a note on Types of Intent
  10. Write a note on Ge-coder with example
  11. Write a note on Layouts
  12. Drawing on Canvas with example
  13. Drawing on View with example
  14. Write a note on File handling with example
  15. Write a note on Shared Preferences with example
  16. Write a note Android Architecture / Android Software Stack
  17. Write a note on Logging Support
  18. Write a note on Location Manager with example
  19. Write a note on Telephony Manager with example
  20. Write a note on Web view with example
  21. Write a note types of Menus supported in Android
  22. Write a note on Inheritance with suitable example
  23. Write a note on types of constructors in Kotlin
  24. Write a note on setters and getters
  25. Differentiate Abstract class and Interface
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