BCA semester – 2 Viva related questions

CS-07 | Data Structure using C Language

  1. What is Data Structure?
  2. What is Array?
  3. What is FIFO?
  4. What is LIFO?
  5. What is Stack?
  6. What is Queue?
  7. What is Circular Queue?
  8. What is Deque?
  9. What is Searching?
  10. What is Index search?
  11. What is Binary search?
  12. What is Sequential search?
  13. What is Sorting?
  14. What is Linked List?
  15. What is Doubly Linked List?
  16. What is Circular Linked List?
  17. What is Primitive structure?
  18. What is Linear structure?
  19. What is Non-Linear structure?
  20. What is Push in Stack?
  21. What is Pop in Stack?
  22. What are the applications of Linked List?
  23. What is Tree?
  24. What is In-order in tree?
  25. What Pre-order in tree?
  26. What is Post-order in tree?
  27. What is B-tree?
  28. What is Traversing?

CS-08 | Web Programming using PHP

  1. What is static page?
  2. What is dynamic page?
  3. What is server?
  4. What is client?
  5. What is host?
  6. What is localhost?
  7. What is remote host?
  8. What is IIS?
  9. What is Apache?
  10. What is virtual host?
  11. What is DOM?
  12. What is JSON?
  13. JSON stands for _____
  14. What is PHP?
  15. PHP stands for _____
  16. What is GET?
  17. What is POST?
  18. What is $_GET?
  19. What is $_POST?
  20. What is Array?
  21. Types of User defined functions
  22. What is variable length argument function?
  23. Which function is used to create a file in PHP?
  24. What is Cookie?
  25. What is Session?
  26. Why do we need Cookie?
  27. Why do we need Session?
  28. Example of Cookie
  29. Example of Session
  30. What do mean by server variables?
  31. What is GD library?
  32. What is regular expression?
  33. What is AJAX?
  34. AJAX stands for?
  35. What is MySQL?
  36. Who owns the MySQL?
  37. What is jQuery?
  38. What is PHP My Admin?
  39. What is SQL?
  40. What is DML?
  41. Which are the jQuery effects?
  42. Which are the jQuery Events?
  43. Which are the jQuery selectors?

BCA Practical and Project viva tips

Project viva related questions

  • What is your project?
  • What is the front end of your project?
  • What is the back end of your project?
  • What is front end?
  • What is back end?
  • How many tables are there in your project?
  • What is data flow diagram (DFD)?
  • What is entity relationship (ER) diagram?
  • Where have you done your project analysis?
  • What is constraint?
  • What is primary key?
  • What is foreign key?

Android – Kotlin Practical viva related questions

  • What is Kotlin?
  • What is var?
  • What is val?
  • Who has developed Kotlin?
  • What is Layout?
  • What is View?
  • What is View Group?
  • What is preferences?
  • What is Intent?
  • What is Intent Filter?
  • What is Manifest file?
  • What is resources?
  • What is activity?
  • What is service?
  • What is pending intent?
  • What is emulator?
  • What is SQLite?
  • What is the extension of Kotlin file?

Turn Passsion into Profession

Virat Kohli plays best across all the format of Cricket, he is best when Team India chases the target in ODI’s (one day international), best while pilling huge scores in Test Cricket strengthening National Cricket Team, best even when hitting fours and sixes in T20 format. He captaining National Cricket Team not only in Test matches but in One day also. Finally, he is one the modern great of cricket.

In January 2017, Australian Open (Tennis Tournament) first grand slam of the year started in Melbourne, Australia. No one would have thought including Tennis fans, followers, Experts and others that Roger Fedrer (Switzerland) and Rafal Nadal (Spain) could even make into fourth round or quarters. But converting every odd into opportunity both were committed to play their best tennis and storm into Australian Open Final by playing their personal best in the last decade or so. What the we witness was one of best finals of AO (Australian Open) by both legends.

Every successful players do what they do best, viral kohli plays cricket, fedrer and nadal plays tennis because they want to do that. It is about turning your passion into profession, which would not only allow you to do what you want but gives the best opportunity to earn while doing it.

Let me give you another example of Jay Vasavda, Gujarati language writer, orator and columnist from India, he left the his job because he was not interested in doing and started doing what he is passionate about, even Chetan Bhagat, is an Indian author, columnist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational speaker did the same.

There are numerous example of same in the various fields in the industry.


As today again I resume Blogging using WordPress. I started using WordPress in 2012, it was that first kick of creating own blog and website without any seriousness intention.

Since very long I am feeling that Blogging could be a source of earning without even investing a single rupee.

To Be Continue…

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