Stepping Stone Gained

Hello to all dear readers, friends and students.

Yesterday, yet again I appeared and passed in Saurashtra University PhD Entrance Test for Computer Science and Application at Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science-Rajkot, my own college from were completed my MCA too. Appeared before in same exam few year back, but the validity expired in fours years, so re did it. Though, once in those years submitted research proposal once in RDC (Research Development Committee), but was not up to the mark and got rejected.

Now, I can at least start my PhD on day for sure because this time validity of the exam is life time for those who have cleared it. I am going to make it count and do more hard work to achieve my goal to for research work on a precise topic in computer science and application.


Devotional Sojourn of Ghela Somnath 

23rd February 2017

Shiv Ratri is around the corner and is the time to celebrate and pay religious tribute to Adiyogi Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the Adiyogi because he himself thought first ever Yoga lesson to Goddess Parvati.

One of my very close friend keyur channiyara invited me to attend him and his family at Ghela Somnath temple near Jasadan (Rajkot District) to reverent Lord Shiva.

Almost before 3 years I visited the place, and is one of the beautiful place around Jasadan area, surrounded with tiny greenish hills. I must thank Keyur my very close friend and his family for giving me the opportunity to attend.

There’s is little history about Ghela Somnath, its said that actual Lingam of Somnath resides here, it was an attempt to save the Lingam from the attack Mahommad Aafer in 1457 by Minal Devi and her trusted assistant Ghela Vaniyo, they carried the Lingam from Prabhas-Patan to Jasadan, in between many villagers and Brahmans also lost their lives in battle for the nobles cause.

To reach Ghela somnath was quite a unique experience. I began my journey from Jamnagar from a private transport bus to Rajkot, from where I took State Transport Bus to Jasdan, as often I was not lucky enough to get a seat in public transport bus, same happened here also, the bus was full of passengers and hardly any place to even stand, but like an Mumbain who travels using  local bus in Mumbai, I was committed to fight against every odds. I myself as well as the other passengers pushed me to get into bus.

I didn’t get seat before I got tired of standing for an hour. From Jasadan I got a direct private vehicle to Ghela Somnath, but these was a mystery too, the vehicle where I board, stopped on Gas station to have fuel in vehicle but the pump was not having enough pressure to feel, waited atleast a quarter there.  At last from the Grace of God I reached Ghela Somnath around 8.30 pm.

Feeling of a Democratic Indian

Thanks god, just completed my first duty as polling officer in election. I was appointed to do the duty at sikka (Jamnagar Rural), approx 1300 voter were there and voting was around 66%. Let me share you that election duty is a very hard working, responsible and very sensitive.
Lets wish as the election are done in a very transparent manner with utmost sensitivity, our selected politician should also work in a very transparently and dedicate themselves to serve the people, so that the hard work done (to vote) 🙂 by voter and those who where doing election duty will be well worth.
Though it was not the way i want to serve the nation, but stilling feeling satisfied to serve the nation. 
I must really say that India is survived only due to the conman man who votes and understand their moral responsibility, and not due to the politician who get selected and forgets his commitment and responsibility.
Last but not not the least one specifically thanks to the Election Commission of India who is working very hard to organize the election peacefully and transparently.
Jay Hind …. !

– Ravi Oza

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