JAVA Question List

Saurashtra University, Rajkot

BCA Semester-4

CS 19 – Programming with JAVA

Question List

1 – Mark Question List

  1. Full form of JDK
  2. Full form of JVM
  3. Full form of JRE
  4. Full form of IDE
  5. List Primitive Data types
  6. List Wrapper classes
  7. What is Interface?
  8. What is Package?
  9. What is Jagged Array?
  10. What is VarArgs?
  11. Which command is used to compile java code?
  12. Which command is used to run java application?
  13. Which command is used to run Applet?
  14. What is Applet?
  15. What is keyword?
  16. What is Literal?
  17. What is Operator?
  18. What is Type casting?
  19. What is Command line argument array?
  20. Full form of OOP
  21. What is Encapsulation?
  22. What is Inheritance?
  23. What is Polymorphism?
  24. What is Constructor?
  25. What is Finalize() ?
  26. What is Static member?
  27. What is Instance variable?
  28. What is Local variable?
  29. What is class variable?
  30. What is Universal/Object class?
  31. What is Access modifiers?
  32. What is Overloading?
  33. What is Overriding?
  34. What is Thread?
  35. What is Synchronization?
  36. Full form of API
  37. What is Exception?
  38. What is Deamon Thread?
  39. What is Stream?
  40. What is Layout?
  41. Full form of AWT
  42. What is Swing?
  43. What is Event?

2 – Mark Question List

  1. Explain Abstract class
  2. Explain Nested class
  3. Explain Static methods
  4. Explain Exception Handling
  5. Explain Threading in Java
  6. Explain Random class
  7. Explain String Tokenizer
  8. Explain Hash Table
  9. Explain Event Delegation Model
  10. Explain Byte stream
  11. Explain Character stream
  12. Explain Buffered stream
  13. Explain Scanner class
  14. Explain throw and throws keyword
  15. Explain Object array
  16. Explain Action classes in AWT
  17. Explain Font class
  18. Explain Color class
  19. Explain Util Package
  20. Explain Vector class

3 – Mark Question List

  1. Discuss multiple Inheritance with example
  2. Discuss Package with example
  3. Discuss Interface with example
  4. Discuss Thread life cycle
  5. Discuss Applet life cycle
  6. Abstract class v/s Interface
  7. Interface v/s Package
  8. Instance method v/s Static method
  9. Instance variable v/s local variable
  10. Class variable v/s Instance variable
  11. Static v/s Non-static
  12. AWT v/s Swing
  13. Discuss final, finally and finalize
  14. Discuss the usage of final keyword
  15. Method overloading v/s Method overriding
  16. Constructor v/s finalize
  17. Component v/s Container

5 – Mark Question List

  1. Write a note on Exception Handling
  2. Write a note on Applet with example
  3. Write a note Event Delegation Model
  4. Write a note on Thread with example
  5. Write a note on Interface with example
  6. Write a note on Package with example
  7. Write a note on various collection in Java
  8. Develop java code to display smiley and a sad face in applet
  9. Develop java code to generate 5 distinct random numbers
  10. Develop java code to demonstrate String Tokenizer
  11. Develop java code to demonstrate Inheritance
  12. Develop java code to demonstrate Grid Layout
  13. Write a note on Layouts in Java
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