Happy Dussera

Almost more than a week since last post, professionally busy as preliminary and practical exams at college, more over SUCEAT exam just completed yesterday. Dealing with several clients for GST software updates, therefore not having free time at office too. Personally  busy as Navratris (Festival of Dance & Dandiya) are here, worshiping Goddess Aadhya Shakti, paying special tribute to maa Jagdamba by chanting Prachin & Arvachin Garbas, which is our family tradition.

Today is the last day of Navratri which Dussera, so wishing all of you a very Happy Dussera.

Stepping Stone Gained

Hello to all dear readers, friends and students.

Yesterday, yet again I appeared and passed in Saurashtra University PhD Entrance Test for Computer Science and Application at Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science-Rajkot, my own college from were completed my MCA too. Appeared before in same exam few year back, but the validity expired in fours years, so re did it. Though, once in those years submitted research proposal once in RDC (Research Development Committee), but was not up to the mark and got rejected.

Now, I can at least start my PhD on day for sure because this time validity of the exam is life time for those who have cleared it. I am going to make it count and do more hard work to achieve my goal to for research work on a precise topic in computer science and application.


Java Enterprise Edition

Hello to all readers,

Introduction to Advance Java

Today I am going to discuss about advance Java, is an enterprise edition of Java for developing multi tiered applications. Here tier is like a layer (division or part) of application, generally its use to develop we apps where each layer such as presentation layer, business layer and database layer is scatter around various places.

Let me discuss with an example of a PHP application, where user interface (generally a HTML page) is submit its request to an PHP file where business logic code is written (non OOP manner), that file not only handle the request made by client but also generate the dynamic output. But there are few restriction here because some times it is difficult to mange business logic from your presentation and other. So, Advance Java may help in that regards, first it supports OPPS and allows us to develop the apps in tiered architecture.

Its supports features such as Servlet, JSP, JDBC, EJB and other API to develop robust and distributed enterprise web application. In next post I shall discuss about above feature in brief.




Hello to all readers,

As I just resumed to use Twitter, where I follow Harsha Bhogle, is an Indian cricket Commentator and journalist. I was surprised to know that he had been the student of IIM-A, curiously I did the google for the same, and found one of the better Inspiring speech from him.

Click Here to See Video 

Ignite 2017

About TCS Ignite

TCS Ignite is a learning program for young science graduates who are selected to be employed in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). This is an intense, six-month long learning program to help orient science graduates from different academic disciplines to the IT industry and the corporate world. TCS Ignite has a team of world class faculty who teach core courses in computing and business skills in a specially designed state-of-the-art learning space. (source: TCS Ignite)



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