MCA admission

Hello to all dear students.

Congratulation on becoming Graduate in Computers, but as they say “well beginning is half done”. All of you have just entered in and feel the wast opportunity in the field of computers, to grab it with both hands, one should also have the Master Degree in Computers (MCA) in order to have more chances in Industry.

Those who are eager to study “MCA” in Jamnagar .

Admission for MCA has started in Jamnagar based MCA Institute.



for more information contact : Mr. Bipin Rupadiya   |  M. 92285 82425


Ignite 2017

About TCS Ignite

TCS Ignite is a learning program for young science graduates who are selected to be employed in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). This is an intense, six-month long learning program to help orient science graduates from different academic disciplines to the IT industry and the corporate world. TCS Ignite has a team of world class faculty who teach core courses in computing and business skills in a specially designed state-of-the-art learning space. (source: TCS Ignite)



Check Bulletin for more Information

Mobile Hybrid Apps

Mobile apps are either installed on phones by the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) or are by user from respective company’s play store.

Nowadays, working in hybrid mobile app development makes life easier for developers as they are able to write once and build mobile applications that run on the main platforms with no extra effort.

The application will run on Android and iOS and the code can be reused for progressive web applications and even desktop applications In this post, let us dive into a list of few useful frameworks to build great and amazing mobile hybrid applications.

All hybrid frameworks use JavaScript, therefore  logic being put on the client-side so there’s a need to focus on client-side security too. If you’re planning to create a mobile application, choosing the hybrid model will save you time and effort and you can reuse the code for creating a web application version too.

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