Everyone in this world want to become successful person. But there isn’t any Textbook which has such lessons to teach success. One can achieve it by pure hard work and by following present successful people or of past. And to follow someone you need to know something about that person or people, which is done by reading only.

Reading is something which will direct you in such a path which is surely help you to know yourself. Knowing about yourself is the biggest thing to do in anyones life, often we are known by parents name or families name, but from inside one may feel thorough the life and that something is missing may help you to become better human being, and that will surely be achieved experiencing yourself.

To experience yourself one must feel each breath, one can do Yoga or do it in a spiritual way, but is quite difficult nowadays.

But Reading may help, once reading is your choice, one may take keen interest in learning and understanding things and the people more, generally you like what you are.

For example I have never met Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela but I can experience it by reading their autobiography.

The one who reads to have more precise brains than who prefer more reactive activities, so to improve mind both psychologically and cognitively, one muse think about taking up the habit of regular reading.

Here are few reasons why one should read more books

  • To Develop your verbal abilities
  • Improves Your Focus and Awareness
  • To Enjoy Arts and get better of The World
  • It Improves Your Imagination
  • Reading Makes You Smarter
  • It Reduces Stress
  • It Improves Your Memory
  • To Discover and Create Yourself
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