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Core Components of Hibernate

✔️ Connection Management
✔️ Transaction management
✔️ Object relational mapping

Hibernate Configuration file:
✔️ Hibernate requires some the mapping information that defines the Java classes that relates to the database tables.
✔️ A set of configuration settings related to database and other related parameters are required and stored in a standard Java properties file called, or as an XML file named hibernate.cfg.xml.

Hibernate Mapping file:
✔️ Mapping and Configuration always co-exist in hibernate as every hibernate program need these two xml files.
✔️ It is the core part of hibernate.
✔️ ORM tool requires mapping which puts an object’s properties into the columns of a table.
✔️ Though, Mapping can be done in the form of an XML or in the form of the annotations

✔️ The hibernate application can be created with annotation.
✔️ There are many annotations that can be used to create hibernate application such as @Entity, @Id, @Table etc. The core advantage of using hibernate annotation is that you don’t need to create mapping (hbm) file.
✔️ Mapping file instructs Hibernate how to map the defined class or classes to the database tables.

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