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An Enterprise Java Bean is:
➡️ A reusable component
➡️ A Java object
➡️ An encapsulation of enterprise business logic and data
➡️ Executed in a Containers

What is EJB?
➡️ EJB is an architecture for setting up program components, that run in the server, to develop modular construction of enterprise app.
➡️ It is reusable in multiple apps.
➡️ It is built on the JavaBeans technology to distribute components. It encapsulates the business logic of a web app.
➡️ It provides an architecture to develop and deploy component based enterprise apps.

Summary of video:
➡️ Java Bean Vs Enterprise Java Bean
➡️ Difference between RMI and EJB
➡️ EJB Architecture
➡️ Benefits of EJB
➡️ Restriction on EJB
➡️ Disadvantages of Enterprise Java Beans

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OS : Windows 10
Jdk : Version 8
IDE : Eclipse Mars
Server : Apache Tomcat 7

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