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Java Bean
➡️ It is a reusable software component.
➡️ A bean encapsulates many objects into one object, so we can access this object from multiple places.
➡️ It provides the easy maintenance.

Java Bean is a java class that should follow following rules:
➡️ It should have a no-argument or zero argument Constructor.
➡️ It should be Serializable.
➡️ It should provide methods to set and get the values of the properties (getter & setter methods).

Java Bean Property types
➡️ Simple : It has a single value whose changes are independent of changes in any other property.
➡️ Indexed : Such bean supports a range of values instead of a single value.
➡️ Bound : A change to the property results in a notification being sent to some other bean.
➡️ Constrained : Here a change to the property results in validation by another bean in this property. The other bean may reject the change if it is not appropriate.

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