All the Best

Though, the exams has started yesterday and is going to finish tomorrow, still the a teachers wishes are always desirable and welcomed by students (was in our time for sure).

I wish all the very best to my dear students (BCA semester 5).

Exams are merely the test of your writing skill in the examination hall in two and half hours, those who writes better with respect to question with precise definitions, explanation, merits and demerits, etc., and conclusion. Better you write more marks you will get, “better” is not about writing more but about writing precisely and neatly.

As a developer I believe that technical skill matter more, but still report card (mark sheet) is an entry card for the industry, though one do have a better programming skill, need to be a better writer too.

All the very best for last paper, writer best answers with best hand writing and proper question sequences.


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