C Language Programming Assignments

Assignment – 1 | Output using printf()

  • C Language assignment-1 covers the usage of simple library function such as printf(), clrscr() and getch().
  • It also covers the various usage of printf() function, mainly related to output of text or characters.

Assignment – 2 | Input using scanf()

  • C language assignment – 2 covers the usage of scanf() function.
  • It also covers implementation of math formulas into programming statement.

Assignment – 3 | if…else statement

  • Assignment – 3 covers the programming exercise for the branching statement “if … else”.
  • “if…else” is a branching statement, it used to control the flow of code on the basis of some condition. When the condition is true then a set of statement will be executed and when the condition is false another set of statement will be executed
  • It also covers the “switch… case” statement.

Assignment – 4 | Looping structure

  • Assignment – 4 covers the programming exercises related to looping structure.
  • Looping structure such as while, do…while and for loop.

Assignment – 5 | Nested looping structure

  • Programming exercises related to nested looping structure.
  • These exercise will focus on one the most attractive outputs of a C language program that is pattern printing.
  • Coders specially for the beginners do enjoy such exercise.
  • These exercise will help students to learn nested loops for spacing of lines and characters with respect to required output.

Assignment – 6 | Array & Pointers

  • Programming exercise related to arrays, operation on array elements
  • Programming exercise related to pointers, pointer with array, pointer with structure etc.,

Assignment – 7 | User defined functions

  • Exercise program using User-Defined Functions.
  • Categories of all UDF such as function with no parameter and no return value, function with parameter and not return value etc., are covered.

Assignment – 8 | Built in functions

  • Programming assignment related Built in in C language.
  • Math Library functions.
  • String Library functions.
  • Char Library functions.

Assignment – 9 | Structure & Union

  • Programming assignment related to Structure and Union in C language.
  • Exercise such as simple structure and union
  • Creating variables for structure and union
  • Array of structures
  • Pointer to structures
  • Passing structure variable as parameter to UDF.

Assignment 10 | File Handling

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