Euphony: Rhythm of Life

Great Raan of Kutch | (Dhordo, Bhuj)

An artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in structured and continuous manner, means that rhythm of constant pleasing and harmonious sounds like LIFE lives to the EUPHONY of the unvarying breaths, if it varies or uneven then one may need a ventilator! Human body is full of Rhythm of distinguish structure (body parts), if seamlessly vigorous then LIFE lavishes.

Blood contentiously flows in blood vessels, it streams fresh blood in full human body without pauses. Heart siphons the blood vessels which leads the flow of blood through each and every organ of human body, allowing them to function properly. Blood is a body fluid that gives necessary substances to the cells which helps flesh.

A enormous source of natural water is rhythm of a River, is fundamental of LIFE. History reflects that every ancient cities were settled near by flawless riverbanks, helps life to leverage and help human societies. Crop gained by the farmers in past and present is result of farming is an incorporation of seed, soil and water.

Teaching and learning a bidirectional (two direction) practice too, fruit-age best when both teacher and learner  have a coordination among. Teacher expresses and learner grasps. The teacher himself should be a good learner first to grasp subject/topic, then he could pass his wisdom to learner to perceive, on the other side a learner should be ardent and curious to learn and grasp.

Remarkably, every facet of life is the rhythm of past and current affair lead us to the later. As we could not alter past, we must put in out best effort in present with full attention and awareness regardless of the context and impact.

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